Topamax Weight Loss Trials

Numerous studies have been conducted by researchers from different countries in order to analyze how Topamax medication influences a person’s weight. Some of these trials were interrupted by the fact that many patients could not tolerate Topamax side effects, which can be very severe, other studies were carried out till the end and the results show that Topamax weight loss drug is highly effective in helping people lose weight.

The results of successful trials were presented by Brazilian researchers during the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society in Boston. More than 3,300 of people who took part in these trials had various degrees of weight problems. Those who took Topamax weight loss medication lost on average 11.8 pounds more than people who were given placebo.

The FDA-approved use of Topamax is the prevention of seizures and migraines, nevertheless, doctors often prescribe it off-label, relying on other properties of Topamax – depression treatment, weight loss, the treatment of addictions and eating disorders.

Investigators analyzed10 random clinical trials, assessing the data about Topamax weight loss-long term and short-term use, and analyzed the benefits and adverse reactions brought about by the medication. The data suggest that Topamax dosage as well as the duration of treatment affect the ultimate result. According to the report, a higher dose (96 to 200 mg a day) during at least 28 weeks gave much better results than a lower dose for a shorter period of time. However, it is hard to generalize certain details of Topamax weight loss – how fast visible changes can occur or how much weight a person can lose with a certain dosage of the medication.

The result also depends on whether or not the person can tolerate the severe Topamax side effects and how fast their body can adapt to the new medication. The results of the Brazilian study are reassuring as the patients who took Topamax were seven times more likely to lose weight than those who took the placebo. However, Topamax-treated patients were also twice more likely to discontinue the treatment because of severe side effects. In such cases, Topamax weight loss alternatives should be recommended in order for the patients to continue their treatment.

Although not much is known about the possible period needed to trigger Topamax weight loss – how fast the desired result can be achieved depends on many factors, patients should be aware that the treatment should be discontinued if by the end of 12 weeks they have not lost at least 3% of their initial body weight.

Several theories exist regarding Topamax weight loss mechanism of action, although all researchers agree that it is still not known exactly how the medication triggers weight loss.

It is possible that the same mechanisms that “calm down” the nervous system and prevent seizures and migraines are responsible for a patient’s weight loss.

Topamax website affirms that Topamax weight loss effect is based on the ability of the medication to change the taste sensation. The altered sensation of taste might prevent some patients from enjoying food as much as they did before, thus making them eat less and lose weight as a consequence.

According to another theory, Topamax reduces cortisol production inside the body. As cortisol is a stress hormone, its lower levels might reduce a person’s food cravings, which, in its turn, leads to weight loss.

It is also possible that Topamax medication affects the addiction centers of the brain and reduces cravings for the substances to which a person might be addicted, including food.

It is possible that many people might not be suitable to experience the effect of Topamax weight loss – first week of the treatment as well as the following weeks might not yield any significant results and because of side effects, people will have to discontinue the treatment. A big number of people reported that they could not continue the treatment because of the unbearable side effects they experienced during the first weeks. More time is needed in order for the body to get used to the medication and for you to see the effect of Topamax weight loss – first month of the treatment is the period during which many people start feeling any changes. User reviews suggest that during the first month people start feeling less hungry and they are able to change their diet and significantly reduce the number of calories-intake.

There have also been reports from people who used the medication for the first time and did not feel any effect of Topamax weight loss – second time, though, proved much more successful for them. These patients explained that their first time on Topamax they felt tired, nauseated, could not sleep, or focus, and they had to switch to other medications. Trying Topamax for the second time, many of them were able to tolerate the side effects, which were considerably milder than the first time.
For weight management purposes, doctors often do not prescribe Topamax alone; Topamax weight loss drug combo is used instead (Topiramate+Phentermine). These drugs can be bought separately and used together as Topamax weight loss drug combo, or they can be bought in the form of the FDA-approved medication for weight loss under a different brand name.

Depending on the dosage you were taking and the period of treatment, Topamax withdrawal symptoms could be mild or really bothersome. Patients have reported feeling uncharacteristically angry, depressed, anxious, dizzy, tired, and having concentration problems. If you were taking a high dosage of the medication for quite a long period, Topamax withdrawal symptoms could last up to several weeks after you stop taking the drug.

If these withdrawal manifestations are very unpleasant or you feel them worsening, address your doctor for advice as it is possible that you are tapering too fast. Topamax dosage should be gradually reduced before the patients stops taking the medication completely, an abrupt discontinuation may lead to very unpleasant adverse reactions, so you should follow all the instructions provided by your doctor and not change the dosage on your own.