Topamax Prescription and Over-the-Counter Alternatives

Topamax is a widely-known FDA-approved medication that is prescribed to people who suffer from seizures and migraines. Topamax generic name is Topiramate and this version has also been granted approval from the FDA. Although many doctors recommend Topamax for weight loss, this use of Topamax is not FDA-approved. Weight loss is a side effect of both Topamax generic and branded medications, whose primary purpose is to reduce the frequency of migraines and prevent seizures.

As Topamax is a medication that affects the nervous system, you will need a prescription in order to buy it at your local pharmacy. However, there are numerous online drugstores where you can buy Topamax without a script. The cost of the branded medication might seem high if your insurance does not cover it, but you can save money buying from online drugstores that offer Topamax for sale in its generic form (Topiramate). As a rule, generic medications are cheaper than the branded ones and although they are slightly different, they are generally just as effective.

Before you decide to buy Topamax online without consulting a doctor, you should know that the medication requires a prescription for a reason. Topamax is known to cause severe side effects and is contraindicated in people who have certain medical conditions. Your doctor should analyze your current health state, the condition that requires the use of Topamax and determine the correct dosage you might need if they find it suitable for you to start taking Topamax. Taking into account the danger you might put yourself in, it would be risky to buy Topamax without a script and a doctor’s consultation.

It should be pointed out that such medications as Topamax are not available over the counter because of the complexity of their action. In order to prevent seizures and migraines, Topamax affects the nervous system, so selling Topamax alternative medications over the counter would mean putting people’s health at serious risk.

There are some medications, though, that are regarded as Topamax alternatives and are also used to treat seizures and migraine headaches, but they are not able to trigger weight loss.

If you do not suffer from seizures or migraines and your goal is to lose weight, you can buy Topamax – weight loss will most likely occur, as it is one of the most common side effects of the medication. If the price is too high for you, you can purchase Topamax generic version, Topiramate, which has the same effect.

Topamax is usually prescribed together with Phentermine for weight loss purposes. Phentermine is not used in seizure treatment, it is a medication that is used as a weight loss aid in combination with diet and increased physical activity.

You can buy Topamax online and use it together with Phentermine as your doctor recommended, or you can use the FDA-approved drug for weight management that combines both these medications. In matter of weight loss Qsymia might be regarded as an alternative to Topamax as it was designed primarily for this purpose. Qsymia combines Phentermine and Topiramate in necessary proportions to trigger weight loss. Like Topamax this medication should be taken with great caution because of its side effects and it must not be used by pregnant women.

If you suffer from seizures or migraine attacks and you also have weight management problems, Topamax might be the right medication for you as it can give you the possibility to solve more than one problem. Topamax is available in different doses as tablets, extended-release capsules, and sprinkle capsules. For the start of the treatment, you might need to buy Topamax 25 mg as it is recommended to initiate the treatment with a low dose of the medication. Depending on the condition you have and your weight, you might be recommended to buy Topamax 50 mg as this dosage is also often prescribed for the first week with gradual increase during the following weeks. According to some researchers, the higher the dose of Topamax, the more efficient it is in matter of weight loss, but it is not recommended that you rush and buy Topamax 200 mg and start taking the pills in order to lose much weight as fast as possible. Weight loss is a complicated process and losing too much weight during a short period of time can severely harm your health. You might also not need to buy Topamax 200 mg, as it is possible that your effective dose will be lower. That is why it is recommended to buy Topamax 25 mg or 50 mg to initiate the treatment and increase the dose gradually until you figure out which dosage works for you.

There are some Topamax alternatives that work just as effectively in preventing seizures, migraines, and mood disorders, but which do not possess Topamax weight loss effect.

Lamictal (Lamotrigine) is a prescription medication that prevents seizures and works as a mood stabilizer. The dosage of this medication should be increased gradually as it can cause skin rush. The medication is highly effective in treating bipolar disorder and preventing depression.

Tegretol (Carbamazepine) – a mood stabilizer that prevents seizures and works efficiently in relieving nerve pain. This medication has many drug interactions, so it should be taken with great caution in case you take other medications as well.

Depakote (Divalproex) – a Topamax alternative effective in long-term prevention of seizures, episodes of mania in bipolar disorders, and migraine attacks.

These medications as well as others of this type should be taken only if recommended by a doctor and under a doctor’s supervision. These drugs do not have Topamax weight loss effect, but they bring about a number of other adverse reactions that range from unpleasant to highly dangerous.

If you want buy Topamax weight loss pills or any other medications listed here, note that no such medications should be taken on somebody’s advice; only a qualified specialist should determine whether or not it is safe for you to take such medications.
Store the drugs at a safe temperature and keep them away from children.