How to Buy Topamax for Weight Loss

Topamax (Topiramate) is a medication that can be bought with a prescription and is indicated in order to prevent seizures and decrease migraines frequency. The medication can be prescribed to adults as well as children. Seizures treatment in children is possible from the age of 2, while children who reached the age of 12 can use Topamax for migraines prevention. If the migraine headache has already occurred, there is no use taking Topamax medication as it can only reduce the frequency of headaches or prevent them. If you experience migraine, take another medication that was prescribed to you for this purpose.

Topamax side effects are numerous, some of them being quite severe and dangerous, but one side effect that was discovered by patients in the course of treatment could be very useful for some categories of people that use Topamax – weight loss. The mechanisms that trigger weight loss in people taking Topamax are not clear yet, although it is possible that the very mechanisms that help prevent seizures and migraine headaches also minimize food cravings, which leads to significant weight loss. This Topamax side effect is not useful and could even be dangerous for those people who do not have excessive weight or are underweight. Such patients could be recommended to take another medication for seizures and migraines treatment.

Topamax uses are not limited to the treatment of seizures and migraines, this medication is also prescribed in order to manage various eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Whichever your problem is, Topamax should only be taken under medical supervision. As the medication has a number of serious side effects, regular consultations with your healthcare provider are necessary in order to ensure a safe use of the medication, even if Topamax weight loss effect is all you want to achieve.

It should be pointed out that Topamax (Topiramate) is not approved by the FDA as a weight loss drug. The approval was given to a combination of Topiramate and Phentermine, and this weight loss drug has a different brand name. While Topiramate is indicated for the treatment of seizures and in order to prevent migraines, Phentermine is used as an aid to weight loss process because it reduces appetite.

Regardless of the fact that Topamax medication is not a weight loss drug, doctors often prescribe it off label for weight management purposes.

If you have problems managing you weight, you can buy Topamax – weight loss will most likely occur as it is one of the most common side effects of the medication, however, it is not recommended that you do so without consulting your doctor first. There are some websites where you can find Topamax for sale even without a prescription, but considering the potential harm to your health because of the possible side effects, such a step could be too risky. You can safely purchase Topamax online if you have consulted your healthcare provider and together you have weighed up all the benefits and possible adverse reactions of this medication. Apart from its side effects, Topamax also has a number of contraindications and certain people should not take this medication at all.

If you order Topamax online from such websites as, or, that do not require a prescription, you expose yourself to potential health risks which could have been avoided if you addressed a doctor first.
If you want to lose weight with Topamax, you should know that although trials have been conducted in order to understand how exactly the medication works and what causes weight loss, these questions do not have a precise answer yet. Many people who took Topamax weight loss drug during these trials, had to discontinue the treatment because of many unpleasant adverse reactions caused by the medication. The following factors may explain how Topamax causes weight loss.

It is possible that the medication affects centers of the brain responsible for addiction. People that were addicted to alcohol, food or drugs no longer receive pleasure from these due to the action of Topamax.
Many of those who took Topamax medication noticed that their appetite decreased significantly in comparison to the period before the treatment.

Another theory suggests that Topamax influences cortisol and leptin levels inside the body.  The medication might lower the level of leptin in cortisol, thus lowering the level of cortisol itself, and as leptin influences appetite, its lower levels decrease the appetite as a consequence.

Another use of Topamax – depression treatment – could be explained by the fact that the medication might lower the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, this effect might also lead to weight loss as with low stress levels the body does not have the necessity to store too much fat.

Doctors often prescribe Topamax for mood disorders treatment when other medications have proved ineffective.  Although Topamax bipolar disorder treatment as well as Topamax treatment for anxiety have not been approved by the FDA, the use of this medication in such cases is quite common. Regardless of the fact that there is no FDA approval for use of this medication in patients with such disorders, practitioners often successfully treat depression, anxiety, and mania with this drug.

The use of Topamax for alcohol dependence treatment has also proved to be successful. Topamax alcohol treatment often gives better results than some FDA approved drugs for the treatment of this addiction.

As Topamax uses cover quite a number of disorders, the dosage each patient needs is to be determined by their doctor, depending on their particular case. Usually taken twice a day, Topamax dosage can range from 25 mg to 400 mg. Your doctor should take into account the kind of disorder you have, your age, weight and a number of other factors that determine the exact dose of the medication you need. The medication can be taken with disregard to meals, with some water. The pills should not be crushed or chewed – they should be swallowed whole.

Whether you use Topamax for migraines, weight loss or mood disorders, there is no definite period of time for you to feel the effects of the medication. Some people start feeling better after a few days, others need much more time before they notice any changes.

If you want to buy Topamax weight loss drug and you need it only for weight management purpose, you should be aware that weight loss is regarded as a side effect of this medication and this reaction does not occur at all in some patients. Although it is a prescription medication, nowadays you can have easy access to such medications as Topamax – buy online the drug and you don’t even have to address a doctor. However, doing so could be quite risky. Before prescribing Topamax, your doctor should assess your health state and find out about all the diseases you have or have had in the past in order to understand whether it would be safe for you to take this medication. You should also provide your doctor with information about all the medications you are taking as Topamax interacts with certain drugs. The use of Topamax is contraindicated in people with certain medical conditions, and for some individuals the possible side effects associated with this medication could be quite dangerous.

If you decide to purchase Topamax online without a prior consultation with a healthcare professional, you should know that the use of this medication is contraindicated in pregnant women and should also be taken with great caution if you have:

  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased sweating
  • Acute myopia
  • Fever
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Problems with liver
  • Kidney stones
  • Excess body acid
  • Memory loss
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Secondary angle closure glaucoma
  • Vision problems

This list of contraindications is not complete as there are also other medical conditions that might affect your doctor’s decision on whether it is safe for you to take Topamax medication.

Topamax side effects that are the most common and might pass once your body gets used to the medication are the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nervousness
  • Problems with coordination
  • Diarrhea
  • Numbness of feet or hands
  • Vision changes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Confusion
  • Slow thinking
  • Memory problems
  • Problems with concentration
  • Symptoms characteristic of cold – stuffy nose, sore throat, sneezing, as well as a sometimes desired side effect of

Topamax – weight loss

If you are allergic to Topiramate or other ingredients of the medication, you should avoid using it. Address your doctor straight away if you experience difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of parts of your face, tongue, or throat, as these symptoms could indicate that you are having an allergic reaction to Topamax.

Whether you are looking for Topamax weight loss effect or you use Topamax for migraines or seizures control, you should always be alert to any changes you might notice in your physical or mental state. Inform your doctor immediately if you notice any changes in your mood or behavior: if you feel anxious, restless, agitated, aggressive, have panic attacks, experience trouble sleeping, or have suicidal thoughts.

Although Topamax depression treatment has shown some positive results, it is possible that this medication could worsen your state of depression, so should you notice any negative changes in your mental state, you should get medical help without hesitation. It is not recommended, however, to stop taking Topamax abruptly before consulting a specialist. Your doctor should advise you on the correct way of treatment discontinuation.

Other severe side effects that require immediate medical assistance are:

  • Pain around your eyes, behind your eyes, sudden loss of vision
  • Fever, dry mouth, decreased sweating, dry skin
  • Speech problems
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Pain during urination or urination difficulty

Women might experience menstrual pain and changes in their menstrual cycle and breast pain.
The following side effects are less likely to occur, but are still possible:

  • Frequent urination or blood in the urine
  • Loss of sexual desire or decrease of sexual potency
  • Inability to control the bladder
  • Nosebleeds
  • Loss of hearing, buzzing or ringing in the ears

The following reactions are characteristic of an overdose and they should not be neglected:

  • Slow responsiveness and decreased awareness
  • Uncharacteristic sleepiness
  • Drowsiness, weakness, or tiredness that started with the treatment
  • Lightheadedness or faintness after a person suddenly gets up

When a person is undergoing Topamax treatment for mood disorders, mood swings are possible while the body is getting used to the new medication. It is quite important to monitor how often these mood swings occur and whether or not they are becoming more frequent. All behavioral changes should be reported to a healthcare professional in order to avoid condition aggravation.
The necessary dosage of the medication should be determined by a qualified specialist in each particular case. As Topamax uses are different and the medication can be also given to children starting with 2 years of age, the dosage is estimated based on medical condition, age and weight of the patient.

For weight loss purposes doctors prescribe Topamax in combination with Phentermine. If your doctor confirmed that you can safely take Phentermine and Topamax, buy online these medications and follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the dosage. The usual initial dose for adults that wish to lose weight is the lowest dose of both Phentermine and Topamax. Take 3.75 mg of Phentermine and 23 mg of extended-release Topiramate by mouth once a day for the first two weeks, preferably in the morning.

The recommended maintenance dose after first 14 days of treatment is 7.5 mg of Phentermine and 46 mg of extended-release Topiramate. Increased physical activity and a healthy diet are a must if a person wishes to lose weight with Phentermine and Topamax. The medications are an adjunct to these important elements of the weight loss process. After 12 weeks of treatment, an evaluation is required in order to understand whether the medication is effective. During this period the patient should lose at least 3% of their initial body weight. If this has not occurred, a higher dose of the medication might be required or your doctor might advise you to discontinue the treatment as it has not yielded satisfactory results.